Land the Job Masterclass for Students and Alumni by April Klimkiewicz

Land the Job Masterclass for Students and Alumni

Everything your students need to know to land the job and live the life they'll love.


Course Overview

Land the Job Masterclass guides students through mastering every step to landing the job.

This video-based platform breaks up all the steps of landing the job into 7 self-contained modules. This interactive masterclass moves students through each module, in order, so they can master each component of the job search process before moving on to the next. After students have mastered the fundamental knowledge and created and targeted their documents, they can meet with university career counselors and advisors to refine their documents and get individual guidance on their processes.
In each of the seven modules, your students and alumni will learn how to:

1  Create a targeted Resume that stands out to employers
2. Write a targeted Cover Letter
3. Conduct a meaningful Job Search and tap into the Hidden Job Market
4. Ace the Interview
5. Request and provide References and Letters of Recommendation
6. Express Gratitude through Thank You Letters
7. Negotiate Salary and decide between competing Job Offers

Modules contain video tutorials, checklists, cheat sheets, guides, worksheets, and sample documents - everything your students and alumni need to know to land the job of their dreams.

Students can revisit this information again and again until they have it down, or each time they are applying for a part time job, an internship, or a full time job upon graduation.

Through these seven modules, your students will have access to:
  • 36 videos totaling over 4 hours of video instruction
  • 3 sample resumes
  • Suggested format for cover letter writing
  • An in-depth informational interviewing guide
  • Job search timeline and networking timeline spreadsheets to stay on track
  • A salary negotiation worksheet
  • And more!

Land the Job Masterclass is presented in step-by-step, bite-sized chunks so your students and alumni will have all the tools they need to make their career dreams a reality!

Below, the Cover Letter Module and Welcome Videos for modules are previewable.

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What's included?

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Welcome & Overview!
7 mins
Checklist: What you'll need for the Application Process
6.75 MB
Module 1: Make Your Resume *POP*
Welcome to Your Shiny New Resume!
6 mins
Lesson 1: Resume Format
19 mins
Lesson 2: Resume Content Part 1 - Potential Sections
8 mins
Lesson 3: Resume Content Part 2 - PAR Statements
5 mins
Lesson 4: Resume Content Part 3 - Key Tips
11 mins
Lesson 5: Resume Style
7 mins
Lesson 6: CVs (Curriculum Vitae)
10 mins
Resume Recap
2 mins
Create Your Own Letterhead (Samples)
154 KB
Resume Sample 1: Management
109 KB
Resume Sample 2: Data Analysis
203 KB
Resume Sample 3: Marketing
75.8 KB
Module 2: Create the Perfect Cover Letter
Welcome to Your Perfect Cover Letter!
6 mins
Lesson 1: Cover Letter Format
6 mins
Lesson 2: Cover Letter Mechanics
8 mins
Suggested Format for Cover Letter Guide
6.77 MB
Lesson 3: Cover Letter Pro Tips
8 mins
Cover Letter Recap
1 min
Sample Cover Letter
66.2 KB
Module 3: Internship & Job Search, and Tapping into the Hidden Job Market
Welcome to Your Internship or Job Search!
9 mins
List: What Employers are REALLY Looking for in 2019
2.44 MB
Lesson 1: The Hidden Job Market
9 mins
Lesson 2: Informational Interviews
10 mins
Informational Interviewing Guide
3.61 MB
Lesson 3: Introductions & Connections
10 mins
10 Common Informational Interview Questions
6.75 MB
Lesson 4: Internships & the Internship Search
7 mins
Job Search Recap
2 mins
Networking 101
6.76 MB
Networking Timeline
52.6 KB
Job Search Timeline
47.2 KB
Module 4: Ace the Interview
Welcome to Interview Confidence!
4 mins
Lesson 1: Preparing for the Interview
7 mins
Lesson 2: How to Present Yourself
8 mins
Lesson 3: Before the Interview
6 mins
Lesson 4: Navigating Interview Questions
25 mins
Lesson 5: Ending the Interview
3 mins
Interview Recap
1 min
Module 5: References and Letters of Recommendation
Welcome to People Who Want to Speak Highly of You!
1 min
Lesson 1: References
7 mins
Lesson 2: Letters of Recommendation
10 mins
Guide: How to Request Letters of Recommendation
2.47 MB
Lesson 3: How References Can Help Even More Than You Think
5 mins
Module 6: Expressing Gratitude Through Thank You Letters
Thank You Letters
10 mins
Module 7: Salary Negotiation & Deciding Between Job Offers
Welcome to More Money!
2 mins
Lesson 1: The Art of Salary Negotiation
10 mins
Salary Negotiation Cheat Sheet
6.76 MB
Lesson 2: Deciding Between Job Offers
6 mins
Your Salary Negotiation Worksheet
6.75 MB

Land the job, and live the life you love.

April Klimkiewicz, M.A.
April has been career coaching since 2004. Her live webinars + courses offer expert career advice for complicated situations. April has worked at MIT, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, UH-D, and NSU before founding Bliss Evolution in 2015. April holds a master's degree in the field of Counseling Psychology from Boston College. April loves helping people gain career confidence, traveling the world, yoga, and celebrating successes with those she works with!


I'm so nervous about interviewing. What can I do to calm my nerves?

Knowing you're prepared and have good answers goes a long way in calming nerves. You'll probably still be a little nervous (and that's normal!), but you will be much more confident that you are answering in a way that potential employers will appreciate after implementing what you learn from Land the Job Masterclass.

I graduated, but I can't seem to get a job offer. Will this Land the Job Masterclass help?

Yes! In school, you learn a lot about your subject area of interest, especially theoretically, and if you're lucky, you've done an internship so you know what it's like to do work in that area. What you haven't learned is how to navigate a successful job search. It's a completely different skill set, and this masterclass teaches you just that!

How long will it take me to complete Land the Job Masterclass?

It typically takes 1-2 weeks to finish the masterclass. You may do a module a day if you have the time to devote to creating or editing documents, learning, and practicing the skills we discuss. Or, you may need a little more time to digest each section. You may choose to go through one module a week, or you may take more time on some modules and less on others. Land the Job Masterclass tracks your progress all along the way, so you can pick up right where you left off!

I get lots of conflicting advice for how to write a resume, how do I know what's right for me?

Land the Job Masterclass walks you through the nuances of resume writing, as well as the "why" behind certain pieces of advice, so you'll be able to decide exactly what will work best for you.

I've been applying for jobs or internships, and I haven't had any responses to my resume. What's going on?

It could be one of two things. 1. Maybe you're not looking in the right places, in which case, Land the Job Masterclass will be just what you need. 2. Or, maybe your resume needs some work. If that's the case, you'll learn everything you need to in this masterclass's resume module. 

Why should I bother writing a cover letter?

The short answer is, it showcases communication skills in a way the resume can't. Land the Job Masterclass presents an in depth look at why cover letters give you the edge.

It's my first job, should I bother negotiating salary, or just take what they offer me?

It never hurts to ask! Land the Job Masterclass will teach you all the things that might be on the table for negotiation, and how to ask for the best outcome.